About our Playgroup

The playgroup started in September 1975 and since then its great reputation as an ideal environment for pre-school education has grown among parents and schools alike. The number of siblings coming to share the playgroup experience is testament to how highly regarded and valued it is.

We provide a relaxed, happy and caring atmosphere whilst encouraging the development of all the key skills needed by children to start their formal school life.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced staff have many years service with the Playgroup and work within a key person system. This enables every child to have an individual member of staff whose role it is to monitor their progress and ensure that their specific needs are being met across all the areas of the curriculum.

Our Parent Committee

West End Playgroup has an active parent committee who help us to encourage all parents to get involved in playgroup activities.  Our committee also help in arranging social events, fundraising events and with the organisation of parent helper rotas.

Ethos and Aims

We firmly believe in the importance of play and an informal child - centred approach to education. Our aim is to develop a child’s independence, self – esteem and confidence through the provision of stimulating activities to help them to understand and engage in the world in which they live. This is at the core of the all we do at Playgroup and forms the framework around which we structure each day’s activities and routines.

We aim to give every child a happy, secure and caring environment in which to grow, enabling them to develop the communication, social and language skills so vital at this early stage in their lives. Each day’s activities are also planned to nurture their physical, emotional and intellectual skills helping them mature into happy and confident individuals.

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